The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begin with a Single Step

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting my first 5km walk/run. Honestly, to run a race has always been in my bucket’s list and I’m absolutely stoked at the thought of being able to achieve this with my best-est friend a.k.a. Mee Hippo; but at the same time, I’m terribly spooked too!

This is something really out of my comfort zone and I’ve not trained proper for this! Heck, I don’t even have a running belt! But this run is extremely important to me – it’s symbolical of a journey of life; my life. The peaks, and troughs; the excruciating pain and discomfort; the kiasu-ness spirit of always wanting to win. Every step forward counts as distance. And at the end at the finish line, sweet victory awaits.

Nothing else matters. If I can run this, I can do anything in life! Kick the coke lights; up my fitness level; pitch for more clients; the list of possibilities are endless and that’s why I love about my life. 🙂


But no time for any “what-ifs” or “buts” now!

It’s either DO or DIE TRYING for every step is worth it! 🙂



Three-month wait is finally over! 🙂

One of the things I’ve learnt over the past four years is that sheer unrelenting persistence pays off big time; it’s brilliantly greater and more extraordinary remarkable than the sum of its parts alone. To survive the corporate world, the cardinal rule is you’ve to inevitably embrace chronic “thick-face-ism” and that success or failure is much dependent not on fate, but how much you are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of your goals. Luck – OK, you need it, but that’s not edible. Nor tangible… And least of all, uncertain and ambiguous.

Some people are born lucky whilst for the majority, it boils down to nothing but blood, sweat and tears. Literally.

But if (yes, IF) I had a choice between the both, I’d rather still choose the latter.

The sweet taste of victory. It’s surreal, well, almost!

Diamond sponsor WOOOOOTTT! :)