If “Home is where the heart is..” then I’m not here.

365 Days…perhaps even longer..i can’t seem to recall..

“If it’s your dream to have a warm family environment I don’t understand then why…are you feeling it now in your home..?”

Dumb-founded like a rabbit caught by the bright headlights in the dead of the darkest night…

Deep within I knew the answer.

FACT: Things hasn’t been more depressing than ever in the home front.

From a home it’s now just a house.

Once loving, caring, compassionate, joyous, togetherness relationships. Now turned strangers.

The cherished moments spent together faded into memories. Soon to be distant memories.

“Where is the love?”

What else is there which matters in life?

…when your heart is broken, dreams shattered.. and you’re left wondering why are you still here?

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